How We Invest

What We Look For In School Partners

Equitable Facilities Fund seeks to support schools that are committed to academic excellence and financial sustainability. We maintain rigorous underwriting standards with an emphasis on academic and operational success and equitable education access for all students.

Borrowers that qualify for our philanthropically enhanced loans are:

  • Nonprofit charter schools or charter management organizations across the United States.
  • Schools with demonstrated track records of academic success. Students at our partner schools typically outperform their host districts in both proficiency rates and academic growth;
  • Schools with strong historical and projected financial performance. We consider key metrics such as liquidity, project feasibility, and debt burden when determining whether to make a loan;
  • Schools that will make a long-term positive impact within their communities. We prioritize CMOs and schools that predominantly serve low-income populations and are committed to supporting school leaders of color.

"The annual savings of $150,000 that we expect on debt service and the locking in on long-term financing allows James Irwin Charter Schools to turn 100% of our focus on educating our students."

Eileen Johnston Chief Financial Officer, James Irwin Charter Schools

We expect our partner schools to establish permanent roots and help students succeed college, careers, and life. Our most popular long-term loans are structured much like a home mortgage: 30-year level debt service with a fixed interest rate.*

*Rates and terms are subject to change, and restrictions may apply.