News & Announcements

Selected Coverage

  • Bond Buyer: Start-up Muni Charter School Revolving Loan Fund to Come with $120M
  • Bloomberg: Walton Family Backs Bond-Market Experiment for Charter Schools
  • WFF: Equitable Facilities Fund to Issue $100M in Bonds to Support Public Education
  • Bond Buyer: Foundation offers charter schools new low-cost financing options
  • WFF: BEI Nonprofit Lending Funds Close over $40M in Loans to Finance Permanent Facilities for Charter Schools
  • WFF: Walton Family Foundation Launches Two New Non-profit Lending Funds
  • Arkansas Times: Walton Foundation pours $300 million more into charter schools, to ease loans for new buildings
  • Arkansas Online: Walton Family Foundation leading push to add $300 million to charter school loan funds
  • Impact Alpha: Walton Family Foundation bankrolls two charter-school finance funds
  • Philanthropy News Digest: Walton Family Foundation Launches Charter School Loan Funds
  • NJ Left Behind: Sometimes Timing is Everything: A New Program from Walton Family Foundation Offers Help For Charter Schools
  • Parents Have School Choice Kids Win: Walton Foundation attempts to boost charter school facility funding
  • CO School Talk: Outside of Denver, charter schools need big help with facilities. Luckily, help is on the way.
  • Good School Hunting: Walton Foundation’s New Lending Funds Bring Much Needed Relief to the RI Charter Sector
  • Volume & Light: Finally, These Schools Can Stop Worrying About Facilities and Put That Energy and Money Into Educating Our Kids
  • Inside Philanthropy: Guess Who’s Betting on Impact Investing to Boost the Charter School Movement?