Education Finance Analyst Program

2023 Applications Closed

The Education Finance Analyst (EFA) Program recruits and trains diverse early-stage professionals to succeed in mission-driven financial services roles. This year we will hire up to eight analysts.

The Mission: Through this two-year program, participants address the financial and real estate challenges facing public charter schools as they continue to promote educational equity.

The Training: They will serve in full-time roles as Investment Analysts in support of critical work undertaken by sector leaders Equitable Facilities Fund, Civic Builders, Afton Partners, and Level Field Partners. This job will be supported by an initial four-week joint training program designed to foster mission-alignment, understanding of the education sector, development of technical skills, and followed by continued professional development.

What Comes Next: After the two-year program, Analysts may be eligible for continued employment or may go on to take roles with mission-oriented investment firms, lenders, banks, consultants, charter schools, and other organizations committed to leveraging finance for social good. The EFA Program will equip them with skills that enable fulfilling, high-impact careers.

Previous EFA Cohort




Analysts In Full-Time Roles at Civic Builders & EFF


Week Intensive Training Program

Training Program Pillars:

  • Education Reform & Mission Context
  • Accounting 101 for the Social Sector
  • Education Funding and Charter School Financials
  • Analyzing Risks and Investing in the Education Sector

The program is jointly sponsored by Equitable Facilities Fund, Civic Builders, Afton Partners, and Level Field Partners, organizations that work to ensure educational equity is available to all students by solving financial and real estate challenges.

The 2023 application cycle is now closed as of January 27, 2023. The admissions results will be available by mid-March. Please visit our partners’ websites for other job openings besides the EFA program.

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