Education Finance Analyst Program

Education Finance Analyst Program

The Education Finance Analyst (EFA) Program recruits and trains diverse early-stage professionals to succeed in mission-driven financial services roles.

The Mission: Through this two-year program, participants address one of the biggest challenges that public charter schools face in their efforts to promote educational equity: securing affordable long-term facilities.

The Training: They will serve in full-time roles as Investment Analysts in support of critical work undertaken by sector leaders Civic Builders and EFF. This job will be supported by a joint four-week training program designed to foster mission-alignment, understanding of the education sector, development of technical skills, and other ongoing enrichment.

What Comes Next: After the Program, Analysts will go on to take roles with mission-oriented lenders, banks, charter schools, and other organizations committed to leveraging finance for social good. The EFA Program will equip them with skills that enable fulfilling, high-impact careers.

EFA Cohort #1 Statistics




Analysts In Full-Time Roles At Civic & EFF


Week Intensive Training Program

Sample Training Program Pillars:

  • Education Reform & Mission Context
  • Accounting 101
  • Intro to Charter School Financials
  • Intro to School Underwriting

The program is jointly sponsored by Civic Builders and EFF, organizations that work to ensure real estate is not a barrier to a great education.

The 2022 application cycle will open in early 2022.