Our Impact

The Problem:

Schools spend more on their buildings and less on building bright futures.

Excellent public charter schools must dedicate considerable resources to financing their facilities. Most financing options are costly and/or short-term – leaving schools vulnerable to future financing risk.

The Solution:

A proven model with a bold new twist.

Modeled after revolving loan fund structures, EFF combines philanthropy with money raised on the bond market to offer schools low-cost, fixed-rate, long-term facility financing.

The Opportunity:

Long-term, scalable impact.

To date, EFF has committed nearly $1 billion to high-impact schools. We’ve got big plans for the future: by 2027, we intend to invest over $2 billion in schools serving more than 200,000 students. 

5x Impact

For every $1 of philanthropy or impact investment we receive, we lend $5 to high-impact public charter schools.

$240M+ into the Classroom

Compared to typical bond financing, EFF has saved our portfolio of partner schools over $240 million dollars.

75,000+ & Counting

The schools we support serve over 75,000 students. Over 70% qualify as economically disadvantaged.


100% of our partner schools outperform their districts in Math or ELA. 92% are more proficient in both subjects.

“Every high-quality public school deserves equitable, permanent financing. We’re combining traditional investment structures and cutting-edge philanthropy and putting it all to work against educational inequity.”

Anand Kesavan, CEO EFF