We’re designed to save schools money.

We believe money is best spent in the classroom.


EFF provides low-cost, long-term, fixed-rate loans to charter schools that are seeking permanent financing. We provide 100% loan-to-value financing for a range of projects including facility acquisition, expansion, and debt refinancing. For our initial loan cohorts, we expect our partner schools and networks to have histories of strong academic and operating performance.

We're Smart Money

Low Interest Rates We offer the lowest long-term interest rates to charter schools.

Low Transaction Costs Schools save money through our low transaction costs and low reserve requirements.

100% Financing We finance up to 100% of your project costs.

Long-Term, Fixed-Rate Your school is permanent. Your financing should be, too.

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EFF provides low-cost, long-term, 30-year fixed-rate loans to academically successful, high-demand, nonprofit charter schools and networks approved through a diligence process led by our team of charter school professionals.

We save charter schools money and time by borrowing at low rates, eliminating or reducing fees associated with issuance, and removing or reducing debt-service reserve funds while easing transactional execution. The resulting savings can be redirected into the classroom, helping ensure that EFF’s partner schools continue to deliver high academic quality as they expand.

We provide financing to not-for-profit charter schools or charter management organizations throughout the United States, where permitted by law,* that meet our rigorous evaluation criteria including demonstrable enrollment demand and strong academic performance track records.

We expect our partner schools to establish permanent roots and, over time, support thousands of students toward success in college, careers, and life. For that reason, our typical loans are structured much like a home mortgage: a 20- to 35-year straight-line amortizing loan with a fixed interest rate.*

Projects eligible for EFF financing include: refinancing existing debt, construction, acquisition of land or facilities, and expansion projects.

*Rates and terms are subject to change, and restrictions may apply.

“Partnering with the Equitable Facilities Fund on our financing is a charter leader’s dream come true. The philanthropic component of this investment coupled with the lower interest rate translates into real savings on facility costs for our school. This allows our faculty to focus on what they do best: create learning experiences that tap into students’ passions. This is the first step in connecting students to one another and the world beyond school in order to equip them with purpose, confidence and flexibility for their futures. This investment will build brighter futures.” – David Williams, CEO, Village Tech Schools

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“Because The Soulsville Charter School is a nonprofit school in a very under-served area of the country, EFF’s efforts in helping us obtain low-cost financing to refinance allow us to keep placing even more emphasis on the quality of education the instructors and staff provide everyday. It has helped us dedicate more time to ensuring that every student we serve is prepared for a post-secondary education pathway to become successful adults, and allowed us to focus more on our alumni support program to make sure students not only get into college but also stay in college.” – Ross Hurst, Chief Financial Officer, Soulsville Foundation

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“Working with the staff of EFF was truly a pleasure. It was immediately recognizable that their mission, as well as ours, was to return dollars to the classroom by reducing the cost of debt and debt issuance. The students and teachers of Arlington Classics Academy will notice the benefits of our partnership with EFF for years to come.” – Craig Sims, Executive Director of Schools, Arlington Classics Academy

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“Our experience working with EFF was our first loan of this size. We were working on a tight timeline, and the EFF team made the process seamless for us from diligence to loan close, collaborating with us through the typical challenges encountered during the loan process. EFF partnered with us to put in place a flexible permanent legal structure that will enable us to achieve our long-term real estate goals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ultimately, EFF offered exceptional terms, eliminating interest rate risk with low transaction costs and flexible terms. Closing this loan efficiently means we can get back to the incredibly important work of running high-quality schools so that our students can lead choice-filled lives with purpose and passion.” – Cory Harris, Managing Director of Finance

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“The Equitable Facilities Fund provided Arizona School for the Arts with an unprecedented opportunity to refinance and dedicate more of our resources where they make the most impact – toward our Mission to provide innovative college preparation infused with the performing arts. Using the savings, ASA can now look to the future to create more noteworthy opportunities for our students and support our incredible faculty. The EFF team were knowledgeable and easy to work with. They fit right into our orchestra – skillfully playing their part so that we can play ours!” – Leah Fregulia Head of School / CEO

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For more information, please reach out to us at info@charterimpactfund.org.